Jewish Voices (on website only)

In our exhibition entitled Jewish Voices narratives from nowhere reach the visitor almost as though by accident. The voices give us an impression of how individual Jews see the future, both in their private lives and as members of a minority in Sweden. In the intimate relationship that is created between the listener and the anonymous voices, listeners are confronted with thoughts about their own visions of the future. The aim of the exhibition is also to give visitors a sensual impression that will bring to life the displays at the museum related to the history and current situation of Swedish Jewry.

The Jewish Museum in Stockholm is limited for space. Jewish Voices was part of the previous exhibition
The year 2058 – Where do we come from? Where are we going?”, and was installed in parts of the premises that are normally too small to house exhibitions.

The recordings, sound editing and technical installation are by Jan Herdevall, Sound & Music.

The Jewish Museum in Stockholm would like to express its sincere thanks to Stiftelsen framtidens kultur (The Foundation for the Culture of the Future) for a generous grant which has enabled us to produce this exhibition.

Yvonne Jacobsson


Listen to the “exhibition” in Swedish:
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