Jerusalem – there and back

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA2007.02.09 – 2007.03.08

Paintings by Swedish and Israeli Children

“Loving Jerusalem”
Swedish children imagine the Holy City 2005
Children from Jerusalem portray Sweden 2006-2007

Gunilla Håkansson is a writer and artist in many fields. For children in Sweden she has portrayed the Holy City of Jerusalem in words, photos, drawings, music and puppet theatre.

jerusalem_svForty-two children aged 6-9 from southern Sweden took part in an art course and produced pictures of Jerusalem as they imagined it based on the Prophet Zachariah’s claim that Jerusalem is a fountain for all peoples.

Following an official request from Sweden for collaboration, the Municipality of Jerusalem, through its art gallery, informed a number of craftspeople in Jerusalem about the project. This resulted in numerous Israeli children being inspired by narratives and photographs of Sweden and then painting colourful pictures full of love and joy.

The Swedish and Israeli children, who are separated by a large geographical distance, succeeded in bridging the differences of culture, climate, history, language and religion to create close contacts. They have established warm bands of friendship and in their paintings they give expression to joint visions for the future.

Yvonne Jacobsson








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